De Bruyne enjoying himself


Manchester City Kevin De Bruyne has stated that he is cherishing every moment under Pep Guardiola.

He said that things have changed a lot under the new manager and that he is enjoying his football. It was always a dream for him to play under Guardiola and he is happy that this has come true.

Kevin De Bruyne said that Pep Guardiola has a unique philosophy concerning football and it is very close to what he loves. He stated that he likes to go forward and remain technical, and this is what Pep Guardiola has been bringing to the team. This is one of the best managers that Kevin De Bruyne has played with so far.

Kevin De Bruyne said that all the other players have also fallen in love in how Pep Guardiola play football. He stated that he has brought in some small changes here and there and has convinced the team that they are already doing well on the pitch. He said that the new manager likes to listen to his players and that he takes their input into consideration before devising a tactic to face the opposition. The midfielder said that there is a good team spirit in the team and that all the players want to give their best on the pitch.

Kevin De Bruyne believes that confidence will come when the team wins games and at the moment this is what they are doing. He said that a player would believe in a new system and in a new manager if they are winning games and he is happy that the team has been doing so. Indeed Manchester City has won all their games since the start of the season, but they will be facing their first test in the match against Manchester United over the weekend.