Louis Van Gaal has a contract up until 2017

While Louis Van Gaal has a contract up until 2017, it’s speculated that he could very well be on his way out of Manchester United this Summer season.

While the manager has a contract at the Old Trafford until next summer, there’s been plenty of hints that back up the speculation that he’s going to be on his way out and Jose Mourinho has been named a possible replacement. Ryan Giggs is also up on the table as a possible replacement.

BedyMoratti has inside knowledge. In an interesting turn, Jose Mourinho attended an Inter Milan game back in February. This could be a simply nice gesture or it could be the start of negotiations for Mourinho to return to the former club. The Inter director Moratti however appears to have been all but silent on the issue stating that “He’s happy now, he’s going to Manchester.”

The lack of video presence for the pre-season was one of the largest and most ample hints that he’s on his way out. If there’s one thing Van Gaal likes to do, it’s put himself in the pre-season tour videos. Gaal usually likes to have a heavy presence in the videos but there’s been a mysterious absence for this pre-season. Could this be a coincidence or is he just re-formatting the view of the pre-season videos?

United also seems to be staying eerily silent on the issue, no matter how many reporters ask about the issue. This all started when the Portuguese coach left Stamford Bridge. Manchester United however is not denying or confirming anything, leaving fans scratching their head just waiting to see what will happen.

While United’s form appears to be changing, the pre-season video lacks his presence and the fact that United is staying so silent on the issue would appear that he’s definitely on his way out. We’ll just have to wait and see.