Real Madrid want Aguero over Suarez

Real Madrid might be very close to losing their concern in Luis Suarez, the Liverpool forward, and they probably attempt to go after Manchester City player Sergio Aguero instead. Real Madrid were expected to go back to Liverpool with an offer for Luis in summer after both attempting but failing to provoke the footballer to Sanitago Bernabeu in summer, stated a Brit tabloid. The European giants’ could be disappointed as Liverpool is reluctant to sell one of their important footballers.

Instead, Florentino Perez, the Real Madrid president, has turned his aim to Manchester City forward Sergio Aguero, following a meeting with coach Carlo Ancelotti and his assistant Zinedine Zidane. This year, both South American footballers have scored 8 goals till now with Luis Suarez impressing everyone with his performance.

Aguero, on the other hand, is also standing out for Manchester City with striker Alvaro Negredo. He hit 8 goals to serve The Blues in one of the top 4 spots in English Premier League table following an inconsistent start in the 1st few matches.

The administration at Real Madrid have presumptively concurred that Sergio Aguero would be worthy for the team. A leading newspaper stated that they are fixing up a bid of 45 million euros. Sergio has a contract with Manchester City that runs till 2017, even though an insider stated that in the contract there is a subsection that forces City to contemplate any bid they get from either Barcelona or Real Madrid.