The International Break for Man City will be Beneficial

Any kind of interruption between matches is considered to be dreadful for the team managers and most of them fear the breaks, but the case for Man City is just the opposite. It is known that Pep Guardiola, who is currently the manager for the Blues will be standing at the gain side from the shut-down of September.

Manchester City has a total of nine players right now who are not involved in international games which can be advantageous for the Blues. It can also be considered as a blessing for them because preparations are going on for them to play a hectic schedule of seven games in just three weeks as the English season is sincerely is in progress.

Generally, the areas of the Academy of City Football are made deserted especially during the breaks for international games, when the squad is star-studded. But, the Blues will be in an advantageous position for several reasons. The Man City team will benefit from having most of their players who play the game from the front side will not be playing, or will be under training. Some of them will also get rehabilitation time which is very much valuable for them.

The forceful absence for Aymeric Laporte is definitely a huge blow for Man City. But if his injury is not severe, then it can be helpful for the team as he will not be playing any club games for almost two weeks and most probably he will get rest for two more fortnights in the months of October and November.

The two-week break which John Stones, Benjamin Mendy, and Gabriel Jesus have got can also be advantageous for Man City because they will get some extra days to prepare themselves for the hectic and busy schedule that is coming their way.