No matter how many times Jurgen Klopp gets animated and yells at his team to sprint down the heels of opponents, the Premier League will remain a marathon. Pep Guardiola knows this all too well, that’s why he plays the long game of patient intensity.

Liverpool sit pretty at the top of the English Premier League with a perfect 24 points from 8 games and 8 points above second placed Manchester City. The Reds have been trying for years to get back to the top of English football, while Man City thanks to their Abu Dhabi cash cowshave overtaken most traditional powerhouses.

Having secured last season’s UEFA Champions League trophy, it is hard to imagine any man that will bring Liverpool back to their previous heights other than Jurgen Klopp. All he needs to do is make the English Premier League a competition his team challenges and wins often.

He did try though. Last season the Reds finished with the third highest point – 97 points – ever recorded in the English League and yet it wasn’t enough to clinch the title. That’s what you get when you have a psychopathic general controlling the blue side of Manchester. Even Manchester United is beginning to slip into obscurity as a result of the Citizens impressive achievements. It’s like when your kid brother is smarter than you and his school grades are way better. There’s literally no explanation you will give to your father that will make sense.
Man City have spent the past 11 years aggressively building to overtake the usual top dogs. Guardiola makes that puzzle as robust as ever.

He is a conductor. A magician. Playing for him is almost like knowing what it feels like to be in an orchestra.
Liverpool may or may not win the Premier League but they should never think for a second that Man City would be doing anything other than breathing down their necks.