Man City Finds Promising Young Talent

Man City player pair Felix Nmecha and Eric Garcia has caught the eye of the team coach this season. However, the match that was held last Thursday did see them struggling in the field. They are now on the team and these are their debut matches.

Eric was hailed as the leader of the future for Manchester City last week while Felix has come in after being selected from the Academy of the club. Both were in their debut matches that the club played against Burton. Pep Guardiola felt that it was time to allow some of the young debutants to make an entry for the club. He has also included their names to be part of the team that would be in the semifinals of Carabao Cup.

“Those who saw the youngsters playing felt that Garcia gave a confident performance at Pirelli Stadium“; it is hoped that he would keep up such performance in the forthcoming matches as well as Nmecha who plays in the forward position. However, eight days after their first successful debut the under 18s were unable to perform due to the bitterly cold conditions at Pride Park. Gareth Taylor who is their immediate coach stated that there were several issues that the “players faced and that“ what remained positive was that they were only losing by a single goal.

Even though the performance of the young players was appreciated in this match, Taylor had to remind Felix and Garcia that both of them would have to work hard. Felix would have to learn on how to stay calm and to take advantage of different situations that occur on the field more objectively. Eric has to adjust to a certain level and cultural changes as well. However, Garcia is said to have good qualities of leadership and these can be honed more.