Manchester City roadblock in current Series

Manchester City’s title defending season has been hit with a few road blocks in this season as Chelsea are rampaging right through everything in its path as the team of Jose Mourinho are riding high at the top of the Premier League with 29 points, they still remain undefeated after 11 league matches.

Southampton is in 2nd place with 25 points and Manchester City is following them behind with 21 points but Manchester City could have dropped a few spots if it wasn’t for Sergio Aguero.

The Argentine forward of Manchester City, Sergio Aguero is on stellar form in the Premier League as he scored both goals against Queens Park Rangers which rescued 1 point for his team. When Manchester City faced off with QPR, it was expected that City was going to claim a rather simply victory as QPR is currently lying in the bottom relegation zone with defeats and disappointing results almost every week but things took a turn when they played against Manchester City.

Charlie Austin gave QPR the early lead as he scored the opening goal of the match at the 21st minute but Aguero tied the game 1-1 after 32 minutes had ticked down. An own goal from Martin Demichelis restored the lead for QPR but Sergio Aguero once again brought things to a tie as the final scoreboard displayed 2-2.

Sergio Aguero rescued 1 point for Manchester City in a match where the team of Manuel Pellegrini was underperforming except for the Argentinean.

Aguero was also the star man in Manchester City’s victory against Tottenham as he scored all the goals of his club in that match which concluded in a 4-1 victory for City but it was Aguero that scored everything.

When playing against Manchester United, it was once again Aguero who managed to stand out and score the only goal of the entire match that secured all the points for Manchester City.

Even though Sergio Aguero has been carrying Manchester City and keeping their title hopes alive in this season, the Argentine attacker stated that he wants to continue performing for Manchester City for the long term.

“Not only will I stay for the next four years to make it eight here in total, I’ll stay beyond that until we win it! We are not seeing the real City playing in European competition at the moment, but we still have these last two games, when we hope the real City will turn up’’ Sergio Aguero told reporters after he was questioned about his future.