The Premier League Said They Will Look For Any Evidences Against Man City Related To FFP Rules Violation

The Premier League has finally spoken about the accusations of the financial fair play framed on Manchester City this week by the Football Leak website through the German newspaper Der Spiegel. The league has promised to act if it finds that any of its own rules have been broken. Leading executives have been hit by a number of claims about their finances, including a backlog deal with UEFA, which has violated the European governance financial fair play rules. The Premier League does not allow teams to lose over £ 105m. Over a three-year period, and as things stand, the accounts submitted by City have not put the club at risk of violating these limits.

But the league struck Saturday night that if there were new evidence that City had broken FFP rules, then it would act. So far, the Premier League has only seen the reports released by Der Spiegel and has not had access to any new evidence or cache of documents as the Football Leak website says was obtained legally.