Samir Nasri reveals yet another ban that Guardiola has implemented


Since Pep Guardiola’s arrival to the Etihad Stadium, the Spanish manager has not only been making a number of changes within the pitch in itself but outside of it as well with strict bans being enforced from players not being able to utilize wifi in many of the training grounds of the club and another of the bans that Guardiola has enforced was prohibiting his players from eating specific food as he wants them to be fit and healthy for every single match.

However, it seems like these aren’t the only bans and restrictions that Pep Guardiola has placed on his Manchester City squad as Samir Nasri has recently revealed that they aren’t allowed to have sexual intercourse after midnight even if they do not have any kind of training session or a match on the following day.



Manchester City midfielder Samir Nasri has said that building on the success achieved by the club this season will be the hardest part.

Manchester City managed to win their first ever Premier league title in their history after achieving a dramatic success over Manchester United on the final day of the campaign.